Snake Stories

Reading Time: 4 minutes Someone, I think it was once of my uncles, once told me they had caught a black snake and thrown it in the washing machine and it was so strong it kept pushing the lid open no matter how hard they tried to keep it shut. Pretty sure it was when my mom and I Read more



Reading Time: 2 minutes I don’t know exactly how it started but for several years we all thought my aunt loved cows. She and my uncle own cows, so it made some sense. At the time my uncle made a living by jumping off a running horse and wrestling them to the ground. More specifically, he wrestled steers, which Read more


Early Morning Victims

Reading Time: < 1 minute Winter light shocks like a crime scene,Stabbing in from the side at a diagonal,Slashing through trees with harsh, yellowed beams. Backdrops become hazy with the blue-gray of old animated cels.Frazzled Cyprus march along the lane,Pushing ahead of distant oak skeletons dimmed by the fogWhile indigo redwoods look back across the valley atThe paintbrush blots of Read more