About “The Gallimaufry”

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gal·​li·​mau·​fry | \ ˌga-lə-ˈmȯ-frē\
plural gallimaufries

  // a gallimaufry of opinions

Examples of gallimaufry in a Sentence

   // the collection is a gallimaufry of poems, essays, and short stories that have no apparent unifying theme

History and Etymology for gallimaufry

borrowed from Middle French galimafree "stew made with various meats," earlier calimafree "kind of sauce," perhaps blend of galer "to squander in pleasures, have a good time" and Middle French dialect (Picard) mafrer "to gorge oneself," borrowed from Middle Dutch moffelen, maffelen "to work the jaws," of imitative origin

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The Gallimaufry collective is not unified by a theme, genre, or style. We write and publish without these boundaries in order to produce a medley of various perspectives and voices, whether harmonious or cacophonous.