Holly Salvatore


Reading Time: < 1 minute I shave my coyote legs, ruining razor after razor with the workload until they are smooth. the pale skin underneath (almost human). the bathroom lined with fur. I rub SPF lotion into my thighs and it sticks between the pads of my paws. I’m a fucking mess again. canine wrapped in an apron, rolling out Read more


Spring love poem

Reading Time: 2 minutes Spring Love Poem Silent falling snow blows west to east. I’m wearing everything I own and smoking a joint down to my fingers in the driveway. Tubes full of paper and ash. Orange lichen cling to aspen. Usnea on spruce and pine. Friendly fir. The needles not like needles, blunt like feathers, that feeling that Read more



Reading Time: < 1 minute S.O.S. Inside we each have two radios the small onejust below the liverthe other where ‘World’s oldest dog Maggie dies peacefully, sleeping in her basket‘ used to be tights lose their atoms to the friction of my thighsI buy new onessame/time OKOKOK the blood on your knees times a numberyour meat roughly equivalent to seventy-eight full chicken breaststhree Maggies Read more