Mega Heart

Reading Time: 4 minutes Chat log 1.3.2020 Megaheart message board forum:- true fans/heart bloods chat window opened [13:11] [13:11] Hiroblood – can you believe its out tomorrow? iv waited for so long. [13:12] MandyHeart – I cant. Not been able to sleep for days [13:13] Hiroblood – I saw a picture from the music video. The way they look Read more



Reading Time: 4 minutes Tarrare was always hungry. But they starved him before shows. If he was on stage at 6pm they would refuse to feed him by noon. This meant he could sling his empty stomach all the way around his torso and tie it together in a crude but effective bow. Tarrare was so hungry. It is Read more


Holy Fire/Club Head

Reading Time: 7 minutes Rhine Valley 857ad Emelisse stood in the main square overlooking Drachenfals. The hill, caused by magma rising to the surface, blocked out a third of the bright blue sky. Around her, people were beginning to cut off their limbs. One man was on fire, having run into the smithy mere moments before. There was a Read more