Yousef Allouzi

Yousef Allouzi is an author and data analyst who grew up in Texas but currently lives in the Pacific Northwest. He holds a BS in Economics from Oregon State University and a Master of Public Policy from the same institution. His previous writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Scintilla Magazine, openDemocracy, Atticus Review, Malarkey Books, Peculiars Magazine, Pidgeonholes, and Blue Cactus Press. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter @j_allouzi where he discusses literature, politics, economics, and sports.

The Great Unwashed

Reading Time: 4 minutes I sat cringing at the clinking ice cubes and clanking plates. The sounds seemingly growing louder the longer I sat there. Jennifer sat in front of me at the table for four, but I was looking past her at the wait staff, watching as they scurried throughout the Cracker Barrel, banging together dirty dishes and Read more