DeMisty D. Bellinger

An Opposum Tale

Reading Time: 3 minutes (Inspired by an impromptu prompt from L. D. Lewis.) “Do they eat cucumbers?” Ryan asked. He tried to scratch at the opossum’s neck. She recoiled and hissed.             “Don’t give him any cukes,” Toni said. “Then he’d be coming in my garden all the time. I don’t want that.”             “She. It’s a she.”             Read more


Anthony Kiedis Puts on a Shirt

Reading Time: < 1 minute Laundered. One hundred percent Pima Cotton. Carefully buttoned onto a soft hanger. Smells like nothingness. White like sun-bleached stones. Fits over tattoos             tribal and otherwise Fits over tanned biceps. Fits under impressive hair. On Anthony Kiedis’ mind is every song he’s ever sung; ballads and rock and funk he couldn’t give the key to Read more