Twa Corbies

Reading Time: < 1 minute Twa Corbies Two crows divergedin a yellow woodwhose flights were trackedby crow the thirdwho watched the horsethat lay quite still. The first two crowsbrought back their brothersbut that third crowhad got the eyesfirst one then twofrom the head of the horsethat lay so still. I’ll sing you howthe gang of crowsdescend on the horsein ones Read more


After The Explosion

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ominous dial-up noises ensue,ensorcel memory out of its driftwhere it happily had been gatheringspacedust, pocketing the prettier nuggets.But strange persistent noises jarred memoryout of its reverie, it had heard thosesounds once surely but what,what could they be? A sort of buzz and thenin disharmonious pitches, quietly,“bleep blorp bleeeepscree blorp p p ” —ah. Ah yes. Read more



Reading Time: < 1 minute Every day, something to pray for:bird eyelashescloud belliesstain historieslonesome beanscow thoughtsgoat bleatsskirt pleatsbroken rivetsxylophone teethand a small watch (uncertain hazard type)for a threat of damaging gustsperhaps a brief tornadorain on the fire landssun on the floodtoothless threatshearts deployedin remedy