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I could cut off all my hair ragged, no
grow it long in snarls, never wash,
go barefoot, become leather,
tangle my fingers up with ripped claws in barbed wire
made of rope and snagged lace, oh, yes
I have been angry         All. My. Life.
so angry I have a little stove in here
burning burning low, and what we know
me and my anger after 30 40 50 years of it is
being angry doesn’t change     one damn thing
because people will not listen
to angry voices shrieking
no, they are gonna shut that shit
right down so
sly means, sly means are needful,
that blade so sharp you don’t feel it
peel back the defense
that needle so sharp you don’t feel it
delivering the dose
right on into the bloodstream
that says                 WAKE UP
get enough in there   somebody will start paying attention
yes      they do   I have seen it.

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